Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Little Quiet Time--Sort Of

Thank you to everyone who popped in to visit the variety of blogs during the last few weeks of the Rulebreaker Blog Tour! I've been getting some great feedback and have had a lot of fun interacting with readers and other writers. Some folks who hadn't read much science fiction romance or F/F fiction have told me how much they enjoyed the story. I can't tell you how fabulous that makes me feel.

So if you've read Rulebreaker, or any other story outside your normal fare, tell me what you thought.

Here, I'll start. I recently read my first M/M, Muffled Drum by fellow Carina Press author Erastes. I'd read snippets of M/M before, but it really wasn't my thing. But Erastes's story touched me. There was such tenderness and heartache. Yes, there were some love scenes, but they were tasteful and poigniant.

I'll probably read more of her work, and perhaps look for other M/M stories of similar sensuality.

In a couple of weeks, I'll have a guest blogger here and there, but for the most part things will be a little quiet as far as all out promoting and touring. Which is good. I'm scheduled to work through the middle of September and have a manuscript to revise, another partial to tweak, and a WiP to flesh out. I'll keep things up to date and let you know how things progress.

In the meanwhile, have fun out there and be kind to each other.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rulebreaker Blog Tour Continues with Prizes!

Another fun-filled week of the Rulebreaker Blog Tour is ahead! And there are prizes to be won. What kind of prizes, you ask? Well, books and maybe a gift card or two. You'll have to drop by and see.

Monday August 22, I answer some questions posed by the lovely LVLM Leah over at Loving Venus-Loving Mars. Leah has something planned ; )

Tuesday August 23 I'll be posting at Castles and Guns talking about Bad Girls and why we love them. Look for a giveaway there, too.

And Thursday August 25 I'll be at Natalie Damschroder's with a post on...something fun : ) Chance for a prize there? Could be.

Remember, if you comment at all three, your chances of winning are greatly improved.

I've been posting short lines of my WiP over on my Twitter feed. It's not a regular thing, but one pops up now and again.

See you out on the Interwebs!

Rulebreaker is available from Carina Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other ebook retailers. Thank you!!!!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

School Daze Countdown

It's that time of year again. In a few short days, the kidlets will be heading back to school. DD#1 starts the ninth grade. Yes, a high school freshman is in my house. DD#2 is in sixth grade, still at the elementary school. Next year they'll both be at the Jr/Sr High School.

I had been looking forward to at least a couple of weeks of alone time before the substitution calls started coming in, but alas. Before July was over I had a request from one of the elementary school office ladies asking if I'd sub for her the first three days. She was headed out of state to help her daughter settle in at college. Sure, three days. No problemo. I had a couple of blog tour posts to keep tabs on for those days, but that was doable.

Then a secretary at the Jr/Sr HS caught up with me. Could I sub for a one-on-one aide in early September so *that* staff member could take her daughter to college. Deja vu all over again. Sure, says I, scanning my calendar and seeing what I needed to juggle.

Today the phone rang and the caller ID read the elementary school. I figured it was the other office lady reminding me to come in next Wednesday. Yes, that, but also, did I realize I was supposed to show up the Monday and Tuesday before school started?

Those dates are now marked on my work calendar, along with several others she asked if I could take. The sub list is scant this year. My September is essentially booked, work-wise, and school hasn't even started.

Ah well. A busy work schedule keeps my bank account (and therefore my husband) happy. It keeps me from raiding the fridge while I'm supposed to be taking advantage of the time and writing the WiP. And limiting my time actually helps me focus on writing. So, when I get those evening or weekend hours to myself I can make the most of them. In theory.

How's your Fall shaping up?


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Release Week in Review

Gratuitous dog picture:

What a great Release Week for Rulebreaker! I can't thank my hosts enough for their generosity. And the chance to connect to folks through the comments was great fun. Thank you so much Heather at The Galaxy Express, Maria Zannini, Carina Press, Manic Readers, and Shelley Munro.

Go visit them and show them some love!

But the fun isn't over yet! I have a few more guest appearances coming up and will have some authors visiting here in the weeks to come. On Tuesday the 16th, I'll be at Sarah Makela's blog, and on Wednesday the 17th I'll be at Maureen Miller's.

Stay tuned for more appearances later in August and into September.

I'm getting great feedback on Rulebreaker and appreciate all the kind words folks have for it. Thank you so so much!

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Monday, August 01, 2011

Rulebreaker Releases in One Week!

Holy moly! August 8 is almost here!

There are a couple of early reviews up, if you want to take a peek. One by Jill Sorenson on GoodReads, and another by LVLMLeah on her Loving Venus-Loving Mars blog. Both have some great things to say about Rulebreaker. Thanks, ladies!

Release week is going to be full of fun and some giveaways as I embark on a Blog Tour Extravaganza! Drop in and say hello, ask questions, give me a hard time.

August 7 The Galaxy Express
August 8 RELEASE DAY! at Maria Zannini's
August 9 Louisa Bacio's blog
August 10 Carina Press
August 11 Manic Readers
August 12 Shelley Munro's blog
August 16 Sarah Makela's blog
August 17 Maureen Miller's blog
August 23 Castles and Guns
August 30 Heather Cashman's blog

I hope to see you here and there over the next week or so!

Rulebreaker is up for pre-order at Carina Press, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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