Thursday, September 06, 2012


*School has begun here in the soggy, semi-far north. Actually, it started on Aug. 23. It's nice to get back into routine, but I keep waiting for the phone to ring to be called in to sub. I have been subbing, but it's pre-arranged for the most part. Always a chance of a surprise at 7AM.

*Waiting on the cover for Caught in Amber, my science fiction romance coming out from Carina Press in January. Got the copy blurb, which is fantastic. Still, seeing a cover for the first time is a particular thrill. Can't wait. And yes, I will share once I get the okey-dokey from TPTB.

*The third book, Deep Deception, will be out in May. Woo hoo! Just finished the art fact sheet on that one. Another cover to giddily await.

*Meanwhile, I'm working on two other books. One is about shape shifters in Alaska. The other is a paranormal western, sort of, about two female demon hunters. Love them both, but struggles with plot and pacing on one are making me a tad twitchy. Hopefully my lovely crit partners/beta readers will see where I'm going astray.

*After a harsh winter, we were hoping for a nice summer but no. I can count on one and a half hands how many actually sunny days we had. Not all were rainy, but there was lot of cool, gray weather. *sigh* Here's hoping for a better winter this time.

*I'll have a few friends with books doing promo stuff here in the months to come. Can't wait to share!

*I want a cookie (Hey, the title of the post is random. I wasn't kidding ; )

*We have to REALLY start thinking about colleges and college prep for DD1. So much more competition out there for spots in schools and for financial aid.

*Any randomness you'd like to add?

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