Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer!

Happy first day of summer, folks! We're celebrating the turn of the season (and DD #2's upcoming b-day) in sunny California. Yep, an actual family vacation full of tourist attractions, cranky kids, and tired adults. Kidding (mostly). It's been a blast so far, and we have another couple of weeks to go before heading back to Alaska. A full report will be issued then.

In the meantime, I hope your summer has started off well! Catch you later, dudes! (Well, I told you we're in California :)

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Social Media for the Unsocial

Well, I've finally taken the plunge and joined Twitter. Why? It's. The. Thing. To. Do.

Not that I'm a follower of the latest trends (see sad closet as proof), but I do understand the basics of networking and such.

Living in a somewhat remote location, I love things like Twitter and Facebook that allow me to keep in contact with friends, family and associates in 420 characters or fewer. For on the go folks, or those of us who are often at a loss for how to fill in dead air space, these options are appreciated. Sure, I like the occasional round of small talk, but if I can tell you what I'm up to or make a witty retort then go on to the next shiny topic, I'm happy with that too.

So what do you do to keep in touch? Are you a Twitterer? FBer? Other? Does it work for you? Love it? Hate it? Wish we were back to actual face-to-face conversations that required fully spelled out words? Tell me.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Carina Press!

Before Carina Press ever released its first book, there was tons of buzz and anticipation about this digital first imprint. Between the Harlequin connection and Angela James at the helm, authors pubbed and unpubbed couldn't wait for them to open to submissions and see who would have the first books out of the gate.

Carina Press announced its existence while Rulebreaker was still being tweaked and I was looking into publishers. I had the feeling the story would be a perfect fit for Carina. I'm glad they did too.

One year later, tons of amazing stories have been released, with more to come ;) The imprint is thriving. Authors are happy. Readers are happy.

In celebration, there is a big party of blog posts, contests, announcements and giveaways going on. Head over to the Carina Press blog for details.

Happy Anniversary, Carina! And thank you!

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