Friday, June 10, 2011

Social Media for the Unsocial

Well, I've finally taken the plunge and joined Twitter. Why? It's. The. Thing. To. Do.

Not that I'm a follower of the latest trends (see sad closet as proof), but I do understand the basics of networking and such.

Living in a somewhat remote location, I love things like Twitter and Facebook that allow me to keep in contact with friends, family and associates in 420 characters or fewer. For on the go folks, or those of us who are often at a loss for how to fill in dead air space, these options are appreciated. Sure, I like the occasional round of small talk, but if I can tell you what I'm up to or make a witty retort then go on to the next shiny topic, I'm happy with that too.

So what do you do to keep in touch? Are you a Twitterer? FBer? Other? Does it work for you? Love it? Hate it? Wish we were back to actual face-to-face conversations that required fully spelled out words? Tell me.

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At 5:03 PM, Blogger Maria Zannini said...

Of all the venues, I like my blog the best because it's my show. If people are rude I can ask them to hit the road.

FB comes in second because I can actually follow conversations and snarky remarks from an unnamed Alaskan I know. ;-)

Twitter is hit or miss for me. I just haven't found my groove yet. If you find out the secret to Twitter, please let me know.

At 5:10 PM, Blogger Cathy in AK said...

Hi Maria,

I like blogging too, when I can come up with an idea that is worth a post :)

FB is quite fun. I also have a few faves I follow ; ) Hey, you know another Alaskan? *blinks innocently*

I'll let you know how the Twitter thing goes. I'm just getting the hang of tweeting and retweeting, and have no clue on the rest of it at this point : P

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Stephanie Thornton said...

I like to blog best--it feels more genuine than tiny little snippets of conversation. But I do my best to tweet on occasion too!

Have I asked you what part of Alaska you're in? I'm in Eagle River.

At 8:34 PM, Blogger Cathy in AK said...

Hi Stephanie,

I'm hoping I don't get overwhelmed by the Twitter feed. We'll see : )

I'm in Cordova. Dang, I was just in your area, having had Girl Scout encampment in Palmer and then a trundle out to Wasilla to pick up some items. We could have had coffee or something : )

At 8:09 AM, Blogger LVLM(Leah) said...

I'm not a writer, so it's maybe not as important to me to be on everything to get maximum exposure, but I do have my preferences.

I like a full blog to talk about more substantial topics and it gives a chance for commenting, feedback and or exchange of opinions in detail, not in snippets. You can really get into things on a blog.

I hate FB with a passion. Mainly, this is due to their privacy issues and the whole you have to be friends with someone specifically, by asking.

I love, love Twitter. For me it's a chance to chat with all kinds of people I would never even come in contact with. But the nature of Twitter is such that there's no commitment involved. If you feel like chatting you can easily jump in, if not, no one feels slighted if there's no response right away or if ever really. And I get a lot of info that I want quickly. Also, don't need to ask someone's permission to follow them, a huge plus and less cliquish.

Tumblr- not into it at all. I don't understand micro blogging although I see the market for it. It's more than Twitter but less than having to come up with a full post. But still, I find Tumblr posts to be lacking and therefore, useless to me. Also, most people don't comment on Tumblr but do the "like" system, which again I can see a use for, but not for me.

Goodreads- I haven't learned how to maximize my use of Goodreads yet. I find the user interface to be clumsy and awkward. However, it's a good place to chat as well specifically about books. If only I could really figure it out or get into it. heh

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Cathy in AK said...

Hi, Leah. Thanks for stopping by!

I agree about blogging and Twitter. I do enjoy FB, though. I don't have a professional page, so for me it's a short, sweet way to contact friends and family. I may have to break down and have an author page at some point.

I've never tried Tumblr, though I've read a few Tumblr pages.

Like you, I need to figure out how to maximize my Goodreads use. And stop getting double updates :P


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