Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Over at Contact-Infinite Futures Today

I have a short post over at the Carina Press SF/SFR blog, Contact-Infinite Futures, about John Travolta having been considered for the part of Han Solo, and a little more on how movies fix a character in our head. Consider movie characters and the actors we associate with certain roles. Would anyone else fit the bill? Pop on over and leave a comment.

Update: Rulebreaker will be released in less than three months! I received the preliminary cover from the art team and Oh. My. God! It's gorgeous. Liv and Zia are perfectly portrayed. Better than anything I could have wished for. And yes, I am a dork and look at it at least once a day. When the final-final cover is approved, I'll post it, of course. For now, you'll have to live with my teasing : )

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At 3:47 PM, Anonymous Charlie said...

Sool news on the cover. Carina seems to be doign a great job on covers. Yay!

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Cathy in AK said...

They do have the best around, IMO : )


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