Friday, November 27, 2009

Not So Black Friday

There is no Black Friday here in our little town. Well, maybe there is sort of a greyish Friday, but certainly not one that starts at 5 a.m. And for that I am profoundly grateful. Not that I'd be up that early just to save a few dollars. Even if we lived in a more urbanized area, it wouldn't happen. When we visited family in larger towns/cities during the Thanksgiving holiday, it didn't happen. There is no sale, no item I need to get that could possibly justify my getting out of bed in the cold and dark to stand in a large crowd of people crushing me against glass doors or another cranky, coffee-deprived person. Best to just avoid the situation altogether, I say. That's what the internet's for, isn't it?

So it's a good thing that I live in a town that is not subject to such insanity. Hubby and I will do our version of Black Friday this afternoon. We'll have been well-rested after a relaxing Thanksgiving meal yesterday, a decent night's sleep and a couple cups of coffee this morning. Heck, we aren't even starting out until after lunch. Will we miss any great deals? No. Then again, with the limited shopping in town--and the possibility many shops are closed for the holiday weekend--we probably won't be finding much today anyway. And that's fine by me.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We're Not All Rogues

Please don't judge the rest of us in AK by what you read about Sarah Palin and Levi Johnston.

I will admit, I admired Palin enough to consider voting for her to be governor. Yeah, that's a big deal for a liberal-minded gal like me. But she was a lot more normal then. At least on the surface. And compared to the other candidates during that election? Well, let's just say she was a breath of fresh air as she spoke of ethics reform and fiscal responsibility. Since then, I promised myself I would research candidates much more thoroughly in the future. Much more.

But then the vice presidential thing and the pregnant daughter thing and the baby daddy becoming some sort of celebrity thing occurred (Can someone please please PLEASE explain to me what Levi Johnston did to earn all this attention?). Palin and Johnston have been splashed across the national scene like poo at a monkey house. There are book deals and pistachio commercials, appearances on Oprah and spreads in Playgirl. They're dragging the rest of the state along for the ride, whether they mean to or not. Whether we want it or not.

I just want to remind you that there are normal people who live here, too. Folks who work hard, do their jobs, raise families and care about the world around us. Not that Palin and Johnston don't do those things (though for the life of me, I can't figure out what Johnston DOES do), but the attention isn't on their normalcy. Far from it. And there is normalcy here. Despite our living in a more extreme environment, we're not all rogues. Or celebutants. Or hockey moms. Lip-sticked or otherwise.

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