Sunday, June 24, 2012

SFR Brigade Mid Summer Blog Hop Winner!!!!

Woo hoo! What a great blog hop! Lots of fantastic comments and interesting posts.

Thank you all so much for participating. I wish I could give every one of my commentors a prize, but, alas, there is only one from here. And that one is....


*Confetti in air*

Diana won a copy of Rulebreaker and an Amazon gift card.

But wait! There's more!

Be sure to check the SFR Brigade blog for the GRAND prize winner. Really. DO IT!!!! (That's a hint, people!)

Yanno, I love giving things away so much, and Rulebreaker's first "birthday" is coming up in August...Yep! I'm gonna do this again!

In the meantime, feel free to buy it if you can't wait ; )

Thanks again, everyone! I had a great time and hope you did too!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

SFR Brigade Mid Summer Blog Hop: Land of the Midnight Sun

(Photo from the Alaska Community Photo Index

Twenty-three hours and forty-one minutes. That’s the hours of visible daylight we experience during Summer Solstice. That’s a lot of light.

Here in Alaska, we celebrate both Solstices, but Summer Solstice is my favorite. Summer Solstice is full of outdoor parties, midnight baseball games, kids running about well after their bedtimes. Who can sleep when the sun is bright until ten or eleven at night? The normal cues for activities are skewed when the sun doesn’t set. Energy levels run high, until you have to get up for work the next morning anyway.

How do we here in the northern latitudes deal with all that lovely, tempting light? Blackout curtains and routine. You see, we gain or lose light gradually, just a few minutes a day. We ease into those 23+ hours without realizing it because we try to keep our biorhythms on an even keel for work or school or sanity when it comes to getting kids into bed. Then, after Solstice, we ease back into shorter days, minutes at a time. Our bodies and minds get used to the coming winter darkness. Mostly.

But all this light has me wondering (because that’s what I do).

What if we were in a place where the sun NEVER set? Would the artificial dark of buildings be enough? Would we miss seeing stars and the moon? Would we lament the loss of mystery that night brings?

Over time, how would we humans adapt? Would we? What sort of psychological issues might erupt from not enough natural darkness? What about the flora and fauna in our all light, all the time location?

There are a number of SF and horror movies that use darkness because it scares the bejeebus out of us. Could we use light the same way?

Tell me what you think about a permanent Land of the Midnight Sun. Leave your email addy and I’ll choose a comment at random for a copy of Rulebreaker and a $25 gift card to the ebook outlet of your choice. A winner will be announced on Sunday, the 24th.

If you can't wait to see if you've won, feel free to pick up Rulebreaker at Carina Press or Amazon or B&N or wherever fine ebooks are sold ; )

Liv Braxton's Felon Rule #1: Don't get emotionally involved.

Smash-and-grab thieving doesn't lend itself to getting chummy with the victims, and Liv hasn't met anyone on the mining colony of Nevarro worth knowing, anyway. So it's easy to follow her Rules.

Until her ex, Tonio, shows up with an invitation to join him on the job of a lifetime.

Until Zia Talbot, the woman she's supposed to deceive, turns Liv's expectations upside down in a way no woman ever has.

Until corporate secrets turn deadly.

But to make things work with Zia, Liv has to do more than break her Rules, and the stakes are higher than just a broken heart…

And don’t forget to hop on over to the other SFR Brigade Mid Summer Hop spots (Sorry a more convenient list isn't on this post! There is a complete list in the post below : ) for more prizes and a chance to win one of the biggies!

Enjoy the sun!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

SFR Brigade Midsummer Blog Hop

Hello there!

On Friday 22nd June (Pacific Time) the SFR Brigade will be holding its first ever Blog Hop to celebrate Midsummer. 36 fabulous science fiction romance authors will be telling you mystical or scientific stories related to the event, and they'll each be giving away a prize - books, gift cards, swag bags...and lots more!

Plus there's TWO GRAND PRIZES!

1st Prize - a Kindle Touch or Nook Touch
2nd Prize -a library of science fiction romance titles from over 20 authors (these will be mostly ebooks with one print anthology), and an Anabanana Gift Card.

All you need to do to enter is pop along to the blogs listed below and comment on as many as you want (only ONE comment per site will count as an entry). Each time you comment at a stop, you'll earn one entry into the grand prize - so the more sites you visit, the greater your chances of winning. The winners will be drawn at random on the 24th June and announced on this site. The list of participating authors can be found below this post. Spread the news!

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