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SFR Brigade Mid Summer Blog Hop: Land of the Midnight Sun

(Photo from the Alaska Community Photo Index

Twenty-three hours and forty-one minutes. That’s the hours of visible daylight we experience during Summer Solstice. That’s a lot of light.

Here in Alaska, we celebrate both Solstices, but Summer Solstice is my favorite. Summer Solstice is full of outdoor parties, midnight baseball games, kids running about well after their bedtimes. Who can sleep when the sun is bright until ten or eleven at night? The normal cues for activities are skewed when the sun doesn’t set. Energy levels run high, until you have to get up for work the next morning anyway.

How do we here in the northern latitudes deal with all that lovely, tempting light? Blackout curtains and routine. You see, we gain or lose light gradually, just a few minutes a day. We ease into those 23+ hours without realizing it because we try to keep our biorhythms on an even keel for work or school or sanity when it comes to getting kids into bed. Then, after Solstice, we ease back into shorter days, minutes at a time. Our bodies and minds get used to the coming winter darkness. Mostly.

But all this light has me wondering (because that’s what I do).

What if we were in a place where the sun NEVER set? Would the artificial dark of buildings be enough? Would we miss seeing stars and the moon? Would we lament the loss of mystery that night brings?

Over time, how would we humans adapt? Would we? What sort of psychological issues might erupt from not enough natural darkness? What about the flora and fauna in our all light, all the time location?

There are a number of SF and horror movies that use darkness because it scares the bejeebus out of us. Could we use light the same way?

Tell me what you think about a permanent Land of the Midnight Sun. Leave your email addy and I’ll choose a comment at random for a copy of Rulebreaker and a $25 gift card to the ebook outlet of your choice. A winner will be announced on Sunday, the 24th.

If you can't wait to see if you've won, feel free to pick up Rulebreaker at Carina Press or Amazon or B&N or wherever fine ebooks are sold ; )

Liv Braxton's Felon Rule #1: Don't get emotionally involved.

Smash-and-grab thieving doesn't lend itself to getting chummy with the victims, and Liv hasn't met anyone on the mining colony of Nevarro worth knowing, anyway. So it's easy to follow her Rules.

Until her ex, Tonio, shows up with an invitation to join him on the job of a lifetime.

Until Zia Talbot, the woman she's supposed to deceive, turns Liv's expectations upside down in a way no woman ever has.

Until corporate secrets turn deadly.

But to make things work with Zia, Liv has to do more than break her Rules, and the stakes are higher than just a broken heart…

And don’t forget to hop on over to the other SFR Brigade Mid Summer Hop spots (Sorry a more convenient list isn't on this post! There is a complete list in the post below : ) for more prizes and a chance to win one of the biggies!

Enjoy the sun!

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At 4:58 AM, Blogger Pippa Jay said...

I think it might drive humans a bit crazy never having night. Or perhaps if we adapted to it, we'd suffer on worlds that did have darkness.

At 5:06 AM, Blogger Who are we? said...

Love the concept of darkness. Happy Solstice.

At 5:18 AM, Blogger JC Jones said...

Loved the post. Since I love light more than dark Summer Solstice is my favorite.

At 7:14 AM, Blogger Pauline B Jones said...

I think it would be traumatic if it happened all at once, but if that was the way the world was...

I know when I was researching my WWII novel, I found myself pondering blacked out life. We're so used to having light, even at night the streetlights shine in.

At 7:47 AM, Blogger Arlene said...

I'm sure humans would adabt to endless day without too much to do. We'd create artificial night. Vamps, on the other hand, would have it rough. Great premise to write about. Thanks for sharing.

At 9:03 AM, Blogger D L Jackson said...

Ooooh I like the sound of this one. Add another notch to my Nook.

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Diana said...

I can't even imagine a place where the sun NEVER set. This really freaking me. Thank you for the giveaways and hop!

artgiote at gmail dot com

At 10:24 AM, Blogger katsrus said...

I hate the dark unless there is a full moon. Would take me awhile to get used too. LOL. Your story sounds really good.
Sue B

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Malin said...

Light drives me mad. During summers I never get enough sleep unless I have black-out curtains (and I don't in my current apartment). I think people would get paranoid in absolut light - there will no time during which they ill deeds can go unseen. Maybe we'd all become insomniac zombies, always guarding our backs, never getting enough rest, and ever shuffling from dark room to dark room to avoid the unshifting burning eye in the sky.

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Jessica Subject said...

I'd find it very hard to adjust. I'd need to go into a dark place to get some sleep, though probably not for the first couple "days". Though if I grew up there, I'd find it normal.

All the best!
jessicasubject.writer at gmail dot com

At 1:57 PM, Blogger joannie said...

Hi i have to have a little light so i can see at night and to go to sleep by but never ending NO!!! Don't think so. Thanks Joannie jscddmj[at]aol[dot]com

At 2:02 PM, Blogger VanillaOrchids said...

You know, I think that I would actually find it interesting for a little while, but I love the night. I love looking at the stars. So I wouldn't want a permanent Land of the Midnight Sun.


At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Sue Ann Bowling said...

Hey, where are you located? I'm in Fairbanks.

At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Susan W. said...

It would take some adjusting too but one could learn to love it. I have a friend who lived in Alaska for several years but moved back to Kansas for family reasons. She misses living in Alaska. Thanks for the giveaway!

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Shadow said...

Great post! Very interesting. You have me thinking. Scary thought. lol I have a love/hate relationship with the dark. At times, it scares the crap out of me and i love to watch scary movies at this time. If we werent to have it, scary movies wouldnt be as fun to watch and i cant sleep without the dark. Too much light makes me want to stay up. I think if we were to have nothing but light, we'd all be buying those sleep masks. lol Your book sounds good! Sounds kick butt! :D Thanks for sharing and for the fun hop!

At 3:30 PM, Blogger Cathy in AK said...

Thanks for all the comments, folks, and keep them coming : ) Sounds like all dark or all light would bother most of us.

Sue Ann, I'm down in Cordova. Went to school in Fairbanks a loooong time ago : )

At 3:42 PM, Blogger Debra A. Soles said...

Great post and I love your picture.

At 3:51 PM, Blogger BookAttict said...

Fantastic post! No night would make me crazy, but I have no doubt that humans would evolve to adapt to there not being darkness...

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com

At 4:50 PM, Blogger Kimber Shook said...

It sounds awesome!

At 6:16 PM, Anonymous Cheryl Corbin said...

The questions you posed about never-ending daylight have sparked all kinds of story ideas in my head! Thank you for sharing!


At 7:04 PM, Anonymous LisaC said...

Wouldn't this also have a huge impact on plants and animals? Would food crops grow differently or be unable to adapt? Would they require more water? Same for animals. Maye caves and undersea destinations would become vacation spots.

At 10:26 PM, Anonymous bn100 said...

Interesting post. The book sounds good.


At 6:37 AM, Blogger Hywela Lyn said...

What a fascinating concept - and a beautiful picture!

Great cover for 'Rulebreaker', too and it sounds like an intriguing read!

At 9:34 PM, Blogger Rae Lori said...

A permanent land of the midnight sun reminds me of that classic Twilight Zone episode of the same name. It freaked me out so much as a kid! LOL.

It would be kind of strange at first to have a longer time with the sun, especially since I'm a night owl, but I bet it makes for some awesome stories.

At 3:43 AM, Blogger Liz S. said...

When I visited Alaska in July some years ago, the prolonged daylight took some adjustment. I don't think I would function well with continuous daylight!

At 8:13 AM, Blogger Cathy in AK said...

Thanks for all the fantastic comments, folks! I hope you enjoyed the Hop : )

I'll pick a winner here and let the person know before announcing.

I hope someone writes a story with perpetual light as a factor. It would be interesting to see how the characters behave and what the world would be like.

Thanks again, and have a great summer! Or winter if you're on the other side of the equator ; )

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Kyndra Hatch said...

I know the blog hop is over, but I wanted to come around and leave a comment for all my fellow bloggers. I couldn't get to the computer while the hop was live.

I've been to Alaska during the summer and ironically enough my husband and I were just talking about it. He likes the thought of it being light all the time, but not dark all the time. Personally, I don't mind darkness. I would miss the stars and things you get to see at night. Most people tend to like daylight the best, but I imagine there are a lot of us who like night. Interesting thought about constant light possibly being just as much of a bad thing for a society of people, aliens, what have you, as constant night scares others.


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