Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Not So Gentle Reminder

I received a notice in my mailbox the other day that said I had a certified letter at the post office. Apparently the mailperson attempted to deliver it, but I wasn't home. Or was in the shower. Or yelled at the dogs to shut up from up in my room/office when said mailperson knocked on the door, assuming the dogs were, once again, barking at the wind and not the door.

But I digress.

So I go to the post office and wait in line. I had a package I needed to send out anyway, so not a big problem. Oh, did I mention it was near blizzard conditions? It was. Anyhoo, I'm standing there, wondering who had sent ME a certified letter. I mean, that has never happened. Ever. Yes, I've led a sheltered life. My turn comes up. I hand over the package I need to send and my little buff-colored slip. The window person has me sign the thing twice. This must be some important letter, I think. She disappears in the back and emerges with my letter. I thank her and as I walk away I read the return address. The local hospital.

Oh, crud! Did I forget to mail in some bill or something? That's the only reason I could think they'd need to send me a letter I'd have to trundle to the post office and sign for to retrieve. I tear the envelope open and read the single page.

A reminder that I need to schedule a mammogram. They spent $4.64 to send me this missive. Four dollars and sixty-four cents.

Not that I don't appreciate the attention. I do. And I know how important mammograms are. Trust me. I'd received the first reminder a couple of months ago and, I admit, forgot to schedule one. I am usually very good about such things, but it got away from me this time.

But did they REALLY need to spend that kind of money? Really?

I was a bit miffed and made my feelings known to my work-out buddies. They were as stunned as I was. On the other hand, I scheduled my appointment that afternoon, as did another woman at the gym.

Okay, so it was worth $4.64.

And now I feel guilty for "making" them send the letter in a manner in which they'd be sure I'd get it.

Go make your appointments, ladies. You know you should. Don't "force" your health care provider to spend over $4 more than they should to remind you.



At 12:03 PM, Blogger reading_is_dangerous said...

many people
always afraid
never dare open
the certified letter
sent to them
by Ms. Life; too bad. Very often
it's a certified check that's
inside-$4.64 may seem little
but it's a beautiful number. Plus
in a snow storm
the resulting effect /dissonnance/
must have been great.

I remember receiving a letter from the Canadian customs, one day. I looked at it for a whole month. Inside was a check for $100.

nice post!

At 2:17 PM, Blogger Meankitty Says... said...

I can't until I'm done breastfeeding, may it last a long time :)


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