Monday, November 13, 2006

American Title III Round Two Voting Begins!

But, unfortunately, I won’t be among the contestants. I’m afraid I was eliminated in Round One. And while I’m disappointed, I’m still happy. Why? Because I will forever be an American Title III finalist. One of ten manuscripts deemed publishable selected out of 250 entries! Who wouldn’t be happy?

I’d like to thank all the folks who voted for me. Your support means so much. Thanks also to Liz, the judges and everyone at Romantic Times, and Dorchester. You run a great contest. I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me and the doors my finaling has nudged open.

So today, I will be reading the remaining entries and casting my vote. I know it will be very difficult; I wish they could all win. I want you all to go to Romantic Times and vote as well. These are some talented writers. I’m honored to know them.

And just because I’m no longer in the running doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit me here and at my website. I still have things to say, when I’m not busy working on my next story of course. Or dealing with kids. Or shoveling snow. Or grocery shopping… .



At 8:31 PM, Blogger Meretta said...

I'm here to stay!

And I'm sad you couldn't stay too. Hugs for that, but high fives for the contract that I know will wing it's way to you someday soon!


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