Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Name Game

One of my friends suggested I blog about my last name. For such a short one, it’s a toughie to pronounce, and my husband and I have heard many interesting variations.

It’s German, not French. There’s even a town in Germany called Pegau. We pronounce it “pe-GAH”. Sort of sound like a chicken when you say it: “pe-GAH” There you go. It can also be pronounce “pe-GOW”. Our oldest daughter says “pegga.” We don’t know where she came up with it, but it’s better than some. We’ve heard “pe-GO” and “pe-GOO” and “PEE-goo,” which sounds terribly painful. But I appreciate the attempt and will answer to just about anything close.

Probably the most amusing/frustrating thing to us, however, is the spellings we get. What cracks me up is when I know I’ve carefully filled out a form to receive some thing or another and it’s sent to Cathy Pegan. Or Pagan. Or Tegue (what the…???). I’ve used block letters in your little spaces! Do you think I can’t spell my own name? I can just see the person filling out the order:

THEM: “P-E-G-A-U? That can’t be right. I’ll just change this letter here and here so the poor twit who can’t spell her own name is sure to get her dingle-hopper in a timely manner.”

ME (upon receiving said dingle-hopper a week later than expected because, heck, this is Alaska): “Tegane??? What the…? Arg!”

I hold not a speck of animosity toward folks who look at my name and massacre its pronunciation. Hell, it took me over two years of marriage to get it right and I’m STILL finding myself messing up after 14 years! But please, if I’ve written it for you in a clear manner, don’t change the spelling. Give me a little credit.



At 4:06 AM, Blogger Tracy Montoya said...

Omigod, I do the exact same thing with my (real)last name! It's Rysavy--pronounced rih-SHAH-vee, but I'll answer to anything, because having to correct people four or five times before they get it right is annoying.

At 12:41 PM, Blogger Sharron said...

hehe--my fav is pah-goo. Makes me think of Mr. Magoo. Not that your blind.

or making the chicken sound--pah-pah-pah pa-gah! Also fun!


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