Friday, March 16, 2007

October Road--Take a Different Route

Watched October Road last night. What a waste of time.

The show is about Nick,a first time novelist who returns to his hometown after being gone for 10 years. At 18, Nick left to backpack through Europe for 6 weeks and didn't come back. Well, apparently he came back to the States, but not back home. Anyhoo, he's gone for a decade, wrote a wildly successful book, and is asked to do a one day seminar about writing at the college in his hometown. While there, he reunites with his high school buddies and his old girlfriend. Some of whom hate him because he trashed them in his book (ie: using "Anna" as a name for a not-going-anywhere-stuck-in-a-small-town girl in his story when his old girlfriend's name is "Hannah." VERY creative, Mr. Writer Dude.).

Aside from the less than stellar acting, I have to say the whole thing was ridiculous. Which is a bummer because I like Laura Prepon (Hannah). She played Donna on That 70's Show. Nick just decided to not come home for 10 years because on her death bed his mother had told him to be sure to have adventures? And he never called his girlfriend? Ever? Or the best friend he was supposed to start a business with? Never wrote a letter? A post card?

Ok, fine, so Nick the kid was a REAL jerk. Then I'm supposed to believe he began writing a book just 3 years ago and it's already published, in HC and PB, and is a movie (I think) and on audio as a super bestseller but now he's having writer's block and can't get another story out. Glad I'm not his agent or editor. But maybe they're making buckets of money off this guy with this one book, so they can coddle him.

In one scene, he visits the rundown NYC apartment where he first wrote the book. It's the middle of the night and he knocks on some stranger's door so he can return to where he first got his inspiration. The couple who answers (with the guy holding a baseball bat) listens to Nick explain he once lived and wrote there, and the woman asks if he wants to come in! In NYC!?!?! In the middle of the frickin' night!?!?!? She does, of course, impart some "you can go home again" wisdom on him. I'd've hit him with the bat. He decides to go back to his hometown.

He meets with a couple of his buddies and sees the girlfriend. More on that in a second.

At the start of his seminar he has a panic attack and bolts out of the auditorium filled with people waiting for him to impart his wisdom about writing. I hope it was a free seminar. He returns to the seminar room and meets the one person who stayed in the otherwise empty auditorium, a young woman who "never read his book" but can discuss it thoroughly. Uh huh. Oh, and she's about ten years younger than him and very, very cute. Hmmm....

So he's a wunderkind of a writer with a single load who wants to get over his writer's block. Got it. Now I have to swallow that he's gone back to his hometown, when he apparently skewered his best friend and girlfriend in his novel, added to the complete lack of communication for 10 years, and can't seem to understand that (a) they hate him, and (b) they've moved on with their lives. His buddies seem stuck in late teenage-hood, but maybe that's how guys in their late 20's are, including the one who hasn't left his house since 9/11 and the one who screwed the other friend's wife. (Why would you blurt this out to your estranged "buddy" the night before he is supposedly going to drop out of your life again? Would a guy REALLY do that????) Also, the ex girl friend's kid (she denies the boy is the Nick's), a precocious little bugger, has peanut allergies that Nick also has so Nick MUST be the father, 'cuz, yanno, there are SO few people on the planet with peanut allergies like Nick and his entire frickin' family have.

Nick decides to stay in town to....what? Mend fences? Fine. Find out if the boy is really his? Fine. From the scenes for next week's episode, which I will thankfully be missing, the kid is hit on his bike. I'll bet you a cheesecake the boy needs some kind of transfusion or transplant that ONLY Nick matches because {gasp!} he was right! He IS the father!!!!!

Sorry if I've spoiled the twist for you.

Can't wait to see how Nick makes it up to his friends for the character assassination in the book. Oh, wait, yes I can SO wait! Forever, if necessary.



At 8:51 AM, Blogger Meretta said...

Hmmm...makes me glad I didn't watch! Thanks for the review, Cathy!


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