Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

A couple posts ago, I mentioned how I'd rather have it cold versus rainy here in the Alaska Banana Belt. While I didn't lie about that, I also didn't mean to have it so freakin' cold RIGHT NOW!

For the past few days it's been below freezing. And not just hovering at the 32/0 degree mark. It was in the mid teens this morning, as it was yesterday morning. Brrrr! Even the more adventurous of our cats decided she'd rather stay in and annoy a dog by cuddling up to it. Can't blame you, kitty. A "three dog night" has real meaning here, but my dogs are not allowed on the bed. So we get a two kitty night. Not the same. Less heat, more clinging to the edge. (How is it that two cats of 8 and 11 pounds can take up more space than a full grown human adult?)

Also, my poor, hoary (as opposed to whor--nevermind) minivan is not happy about starting in such weather. Plug-in or no.

It will be a chilly Halloween here in the Frozen North--a term I used in a somewhat joking manner until now. I'll have to remind the kids to let the Laffy Taffy get to room temperature before digging in. Or that crack we'll hear as they bite down will be the sound of the dentist getting a new snow machine.

Oh, on a side note, this is my 100th post : ) Do I get a present or anything? No? Okay, just asking.



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