Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I've read a couple things in the past week that made me laugh out loud and shake my head simultaneously. Talk about whiplash!

Item #1: Do You Expect Me to Buy This?

While perusing a clothing/accessory/general items catalog sent from a certain organization where a girl may scout out interests in a number of activities, I came across a page where uniform items were being displayed. In a bright yellow box near the description it read that as of October, along with the uniform vest or sash, a girl is required (my emphasis) to wear a white shirt and khaki pants (or skirt, I think) when representing the organization in an official capacity. OK, that's fine. On the very next page, the clothing offered was more casual tee-shirts and such. One of the shirts for sale proudly displayed this message: Defy Conformity. Unless they say so, I guess.

Item #2: Only in Alaska

One of our U.S. senators is being investigated for allegedly accepting gifts of great monetary value without reporting them. The big ticket is work/renovations on the senator's house that comes to major bucks. But in today's paper the investigators came up with a few more gifts the senator supposedly received, including a massage chair($2,600), a custom stained glass window($3,200), and a sled dog($1,000). Yes, a sled dog can be worth $1,000 or more, depending on the bloodline. Can you imagine any other state in the union where this could happen? Me neither.

I love this state.

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