Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School's Out...Let the Insanity Begin!

Friday the 23rd was the last day of school for my children. (And me, as I'm a substitute aide/teacher). So yay! No getting up at 6:30 am and fumbling with the coffee pot. No slapping together PB&J sandwiches and finding something other than high fructose corn syrup-laden "fruit" snacks into lunch bags. No need to assure a child that wearing a pair of pants for the third time that week (because laundry was somehow neglected) will mark her as an outcast among her peers.

But complete laziness isn't in the cards, even for the likes of lazy me. While my children are old enough to entertain themselves, I still do mom things with them. Or at least make the effort. With that in mind, we've arranged a couple of things to keep busy this summer.

I have signed up DD#2 for T-ball and am active on the team. OK, reality is that I'm VERY competitive and want our team to win. Which isn't an easy accomplishment when more than half the team is playing in the dirt when we have the field and ignoring the ball unless it comes close to them. Maybe. There are a few kids who race across the field after the ball even when it's nowhere near them, leaving their positions untended. Love the desire to play, but the nuances of the game are lost on most 5-8 year olds. When it's our turn at bat, most of the kids waiting in the dugout are climbing on the fenced walls or standing on the bench. The batter is more than likely swinging for the umpteenth time at the ball on the tee because they can't get it to roll past the white "foul" semi-circle five feet in front of them. And that's fine. They're out in the fresh air, having fun and picking up a little clue about the game. Plus, they're a riot for us adults to watch.

Both my girls will be attending a week-long science day camp later in June. Like their parents, they are interested in the natural world and we're in a prime location for education and enjoyment. My husband told the coordinator (a coworker) I'd be happy to help out. He did this BEFORE asking me what MY plans for that week of kidlessness might be, but that's okay. I'll happily help. And exact my revenge at a later date. You'll see.

Along with in town activities, we're doing a little traveling this summer. First, we go back to our former home town to pick up a few work-related items DH left behind as well as to visit friends. It's a short trip, but it'll be fun. Later in June, the kids and I head to eastern Washington to visit the in-laws. As revenge on my spouse...ahem...I mean as a bonus, during that 3 week stint I'll be jetting out to the east to do a kid-free visit with my friend Sharron. Double yay!

My in-laws are graciously providing airport shuttling service at wonky hours both for our overall visit and for my little getaway. How sweet is that? Not to mention arranging entertaining activities for the girls. And where will DH be during this time? Working, the poor guy. Hey, SOMEONE has to pay for all those plane fares.

So what are your plans for the summer?



At 8:00 AM, Blogger Writer & Cat said...

My summer plans -- I thought I would complain about heat and bugbites a lot and then find a way to get out of the annual camping trip.

At 7:32 PM, Blogger Cathy in AK said...

I'm with you on two out of three. We have monster truck-sized mosquitos and I don't camp, so those are my complaints. We don't get enough heat to grumble about it : ) The weeks we're in eastern WA it will probably be uber hot, so I'll gripe later.

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Angryromancegrrl said...

I can't wait till you get here!! Though I wish I could come up for Science Camp. They need one for adults.

At 9:09 AM, Blogger Cathy in AK said...

They DO have adult programs. You should come up next year : )


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