Saturday, December 12, 2009

SFR Holiday Blitz: And the Winner is......

....going to be announced in just a second.**** IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW****

First, I want to thank everyone who popped over and commented here and on other blogs. The response to this contest was amazing! It was great to see so many folks who already love SFR as well as those who are current SF or romance readers eager to try new kinds of stories. Finding new authors you can fall in love with is a great joy. I can guarantee that somewhere in the SFR universe there will be a story for just about every taste. And more than a few of you also mentioned how fun it was to discover new blogs. Gotta love that!

Speaking of, a big hand to the participating bloggers and the authors whose work so many people
are going to get to enjoy.

And finally, HUGE thanks to Heather over at the Galaxy Express for running the show. I think we've convinced her to make this an annual event, and some day I hope my own novel(s) will be among the prizes : ) Thanks, Heather! You rock!

So which of the commenters here won their very own copy of Ann Somerville's On Wings, Rising? That would be Stephen!!!! Congrats, Stephen!!!! Send your contact info--email, snail mail, I'm not sure which will be needed so send both, if you would : ) --to me cathy AT cathypegau DOT com (using the correct email do-hickies, of course). I'll pass the info on to Ann and she'll take it from there.

Thanks again to everyone for participating. Keep SFR and all its great authors in mind when you're looking for something fun to read. And remember to take a chance on a new author once in a while ; )

Happy Holidays! And Happy Reading!!!

12/14 7pm AK time
****ATTENTION!!!!**** Stephen has yet to contact me!!! If you know Stephen, please tell him to pop over here and send me his info. If he does not do so by MIDNIGHT Eastern Time on Tuesday, Dec. 15, I will choose another commentor!



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