Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mii, My Shelf, and Aye-Yi-Yi: Random Thoughts

I'm supposed to be finishing up the SFR wip I've been working on, but that has been set aside for the time being. I doubt I'll make the July 11 deadline I've set, but the reason isn't laziness or loss of enthusiasm for the project or anything like that. Something else has taken priority, in a good way, so my wip characters are currently in a holding pattern. (Quite literally, actually, as I left off with them kissing and on the verge of taking it to the next level : ) But all is good, if a tad nerve-wracking.

To balance the mental exercises necessary to accomplish certain goals, and in preparation for a long trip requiring sustained walking and hiking, I've been diligent about my Wii Fit routine. Well, mostly. I've missed a few days here and there. The Mii and I are working hard, but for some reason that dang Simple Test tells me I'm not losing anything. In fact, I've gained 0.2 pounds each of the last two days!! What the--! Grrr. I'm going to chalk it up to increasing muscle mass (yeah, that's it), but at the same time watch the snacking more closely. Not as easy to do when I'm at home, but throwing myself in the aforementioned project will help.

My Shelf
Writers are supposed to read in the genres we write in as well as others so we can get the scope of what's out there, how it's done, and how it probably *shouldn't* be done. I write SF/F or paranormal, so there are many such books on my shelves and a few in my computer. But the last two books I've read are more literary. Out of Eden by Kate Lehrer is about two women in the 1880's, I believe, who head to Kansas to create a place where they can do as they please and live independently. I loved the friendship between the women, complete with protectiveness, jealousies and betrayals. As a literary novel, there is no guarantee of a happy ending, but it was an engaging read.

Margaret Atwood has been one of my favorite authors since I read The Handmaiden's Tale years ago. I'm almost done with her novel Cat's Eye now. It's another book about women's friendships, and while I don't expect a happy ending all around, I can trust Atwood to give me a satisfying one.

DD#1 and I head off for a 3-4 week romp with her Girl Scout troop in less than a month! DD#2 will be spending all that time and more at Grandpa's. DH will be home, tending house and hairy pets. It's ironic that he's been traveling so much for the last few months and the period he will be home the rest of us will be gone. He'll have to remember to pick up the veggies we order every other week. The cats and dogs will focus on him for attention, since their main petters will be gone. I just hope he remembers to feed the fish and the hamster.

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